about me. [addendum]

so of course i knew i was going to forget, or further discover some other crazy characteristics of who i am. so here's an addendum.

-i drink milk with an ice cube in it to keep it cold.
-i was a boy scout.
-i have hitchhiker thumbs
-i have a passion for the church, despite hating to work in the church.
-it is innately impossible for me to do anything half-assed.
-i have kayaked in alligator/crocodile/shark-inhabited waters.
-i am an aspiring photographer.-i desire to feel loved and important (and often unfairly expect that from people).
-nestle's quik rocks my world (beFORE it was "nesquik", AND i remember my favorite part being the tin lid you had to pry off with your spoon).
-i love to know how things work.
-i have been on animal planet.
-i am a guitarist.-i am a critical person.
-i am aware of my strong attachment-tendency (to people and things).
-i LOVE to rock climb.
-i believe this to be true: "Most people understand imagery and symbol [and story] better than doctrine and dogma." (Brennan Manning)
-orange and royal blue are my favorite colors.
-i am a committed environmentalist – and believe EVERYone should be (see defn. #1)
-i want to work for someone i respect.
-i have been to and/or driven through 42 of the 50 states.
-i love dogs – and don’t really love cats (and am allergic).
-i am a violent sneeze-er.
-i don’t want to take life too seriously.


Corinna said...

Hahah Nestle Quick and the tin lid! For some reason it doesn't taste as good out of the plastic flip top container.

Meredith said...

ice in milk. sick.