real or spoof?

you make the decision. haven't been able to discover if THIS is a joke or not. the beginning of the infomercial makes it look like a spoof. but the site has a full-on ordering process and everything. either way, it's hilarious. my favorite line:

"I got odors in special places. And with Aspray, i don't have to worry about that anymore ... my butt."

anywho -- enjoy: Doc Bottoms Aspray.

and then watch THIS if you haven't seen it yet.



article HERE.

interesting what can happen when a positive investment is made in those who have made poor choices -- this would be the opposite of pigeon-holing / discriminating / black-listing. a great example of true 'reform' -- a departure from traditions that 'have always done it that way.'



this one was too good NOT to post...


if i had a dollar...

if i had a dollar for every time this happened to me during my bus-riding-years? -- i'd probably have about 5 bucks...

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this is super crazy --

freaking head first!

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since when ...

since when does spiderman where flippers?

oh and don't his webs usually come out of his WRISTS?!


never gets old...

stuff like this always cracks me up -- reminds me of some stuff we used to pull in boy scouts...

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some worship.

i have a passion for leading worship -- particularly musical worship. but i do love crafting entire worship experiences as well, with prayer, liturgy, silence, media, etc. i've gotten to lead worship a few times in the last few months -- once at La Vida in july, and once at my home-church i'm working at just this past sunday. i've got video up of La Vida (in two parts) -- and i'll hopefully have video up from LCPC by next week. La Vida's celebration worship is really powerful, because a ton of kids have just returned from many days in the woods, living simply, and they've experienced so much. so worship is really raw and tangible with all that fresh on their hearts. it's good stuff. so here's La Vida celebration worship from July 3rd, 2009.

celebration worship from peter allen on Vimeo.

celebration worship 2. from peter allen on Vimeo.

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discs -->

i think most people who don't actively recycle complain about the convenience aspect of it -- mostly the 'my town doesn't take #2 plastic' or whatever. i have striven to find more and more locations/organizations that take/recycle more and more items. a friend of mine passed this link on to me, and i am thus passing it on to you. it will only cost you the effort of gathering, and the money for postage. i encourage you to do this.

CD Recycling Program

i'll even make it REAL EASY for you.

because it's archaic and disgusting...

heard about this on the radio this morning. had to see for myself -- now it's your turn. behold the comfort wipe...

while you might think, this is actually NOT a saturday night live mock-commercial -- 'tis a REAL PRODUCT. and what was wrong with THIS advancement i might ask?

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