a loveliness of ladybugs.

so the-stupid-question-of-the-day on the morning radio-show i listen to was: "what is a group of cheetahs called?"(ps -- you'll find out below). upon hearing the correct term, i was reminded of how many groups-of-animals have interesting names. so i decided to look them up, and share some unique, fitting, and favorite ones with you. bear in mind, that some animal-groups have multiple possible terms -- and the ones below were consistent from at least two different sources.

a congregation of alligators.
a lick of anteaters.
an army of ants.
a cete of badgers. (?!)
a cloud of bats.
a sloth of bears.
a flight of butterflies.
a wake of buzzards.
a coalition of cheetahs.
a quiver of cobras.
an intrustion of cockroaches. (SO true!)
a gulp of cormorants.
a murder of crows.
a convocation of eagles.
a business of ferrets.
a leash of fox.
a tower of giraffes.
a cast of hawks.
a bloat of hippos. (THAT one makes sense.)
an array of hedgehogs.
a smack of jellyfish.
a loveliness of ladybugs.
a scourge of mosquitos. (aptly named.)
a romp of otters.
a parliament of owls.
a bouquet of pheasants.
a prickle of porcupines. (one of my favs.)
a coterie of prairie dogs.
an unkindness of ravens.
a rhumba of rattlesnakes.
an odor of skunks. ( ! )
a dray of squirrels.
a rafter of turkeys.
a wisdom of wombats.
a descent of woodpeckers.
a clew of worms.


"I truly appreciate all the love and support I've been receiving over the last 48 hours," Kardashian, 28, says on her blog Wednesday. "I just want you all to know I'm doing okay, and I really appreciate your support."



in honor of... part ii.

this is the first SNL celebrity jeopardy clip...

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in honor of...

in honor of alex trebek's 69th birthday today, here's some great humor. granted, this is will ferrell PLAYing trebek, but this stuff is great. enjoy...

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i've long-admired jimmie carter - mostly for his long-term commitment to Habitat, and his actual involvement with it (read: he actually works on houses). got tipped off to this great mini-article. jimmie carter speaks his heart, and makes a move to back it. check it out. and i encourage you to ask yourself the question in the last paragraph - especially regarding your own relationship with the church.

article HERE.



one of my CA church friends and i stumbled across the topic of space a couple years ago -- to find that he was vehemently fascinated by our exploration of it, and that i am cynically opposed to it. he couldn't fathom why i would be against space. it took me a bit of explaining. and it's here that i'll do the same...

i love this man -- Buzz Aldrin. i did a report on him in 4th grade. i think my inklings even back then were on target regarding his humility. i love that neil armstrong has always been the 'one in the spotlight', and Buzz is the much less-mentioned/less-profiled second man on the moon. let me be clear that i appreciate the achievement of the first-team-on-the-moon.

but i outrightly disagree with our investment in space travel and space exploration, for this simple reason: for all of our investment, monetary and otherwise, what has it gotten us? and i don't mean things like "it has expanded our horizons" or "it provides the satellites that make our GPS work" (because frankly, i think our world we be more personable without cellphones, and there would be less idiot drivers without GPS). i mean practically and in quality-of-life terms -- how has our MUTLI-TRILLION DOLLAR space investment made life better for all americans? because i don't see it. i don't understand what our fascination is. we're never going to colonize mars -- we're just not. and no sub-billionaire citizen is ever going to get to travel into space. so why do we continue this investment? why, when so many are suffering and scrounging just to keep their house? or to put food on their table? or, to obtain simple, adequate medical care? especially in this current time where military spending is still at RIDICULOUS LEVELS, and when the government is trying to figure out a way to push forward universal healthcare.

i think that the government can, and should be made responsible in it's spending and allocating. and we need to be the ones to do that. and it takes our efforts to ponder what is true and right and necessary -- and then it requires our voices and more importantly our ACTIONS to back up what we believe.

here's your patriotism...

hahahahaha. so good...



look at that monster -- i'm amazed it can stand up...

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this is the perfect follow up to THIS and THIS. i. love. david. crowder. enjoy...

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of COURSE they'll sue...

THIS is also priceless -- i myself am pretty fed up with the way that cell phones/iPods/etc make people completely unaware of everything and everyone around them. i would pay money to hear the judge's response to this suit: "so you want to sue NYC, because you weren't watching where you were going and fell down a manhole. rrrriiiiigggghhhht. *gavel-smack* "



such good stuff. more HERE.


it's THIS kind of thing that makes me a bit ill -- and more than a little embarrassed to be part of such an affluent culture...