[warning: token shaky-face picture is unrelated to following post -- author simply felt that words without an image are boring, and author has not participated in said trip yet and thus has no related pictures to provide]

i know little-to-nothing about haiti. had to even wikipedia their language at first (it's creole, fyi). i'm going to haiti in two weeks. let me paint a bigger picture.

so a few weeks ago i get a random facebook message from my friend joe cole. got to know joe at seminary -- he was a third-year when i was a first-year -- did a couple younglife retreats with him. cool guy. so out of the blue (we definitely hadn't talked before then in years) he sends me a note asking me how i'm doing/what i'm up to/etc. so i fire back a pretty general update (i never want to bore people with the ins-and-outs of being somewhat 'aimless', altho i know that other people in ministry usually know why i'm where i'm at) -- i mention some things about what i'm doing presently job-wise, that i'm dating a wonderful woman, and that i'm feeling pulling in the direction of worship with regard to ministry. so joe responds: hey just a quick thought, i need a worship leader for a week in march -- for a trip to haiti. so i'm like 'whoa' and he's like 'yea' and i'm like 'sweet' and he's like 'awesome'. short story, i thought about it for like 7 seconds and jumped on board.

joe is a pastor at tower hill and they've been building this ministry to haiti for some time now. they've recently bought 6 acres in NE haiti, to build on and serve as a center for the ministry they are building in that local area of haiti. we'll be doing some hands-on work at their property, as well as continuing the investment with the local community. now, i can be a bit cynical about short-term mission trips that swoop into an area and "do" things for the local people, then leave feeling good about themselves never to return. so i am SUPER-psyched to be part of a church's longterm investment in a specific community of peoples -- similar to my home church of liberty corner who has a longterm investment in LaEntrada, Honduras.

so i share all this to ask for prayer as i and the team prepare for our trip over the next couple weeks, and while we are there, march 15-21. i am thrilled to be part of this experience for many reasons -- but mostly to go and get my hands and heart working for the Lord, and to experience that alongside others.

an anticipated thanks,

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