this is pretty good. i heard about this on the radio on the way into work today, and then my friend adam had a link up to it (ht). i get a good bit of evil-pleasure when i see entitled, egotistical, wealthy prominents making total ASSes of themselves (the whole christian bale fiasco recently would be another good example). so this one adds to that. billy bob thornton. a bit of an odd-bird of the acting world. LOVE what he is capable of -- Slingblade anyone? but here's a perfect example of what thinking too much of yourself looks like. not making a holier-than-thou judgment here -- just using it as a reminder that i need to check myself once in awhile. as billy bob should have. enjoy.

this is my favorite exchange:

: do you remember what you were listening to musically when you were a kid?

Billy Bob: well [this magazine] had a contest where you could build your own model – and it could be
like a king-kong...it could be a frankenstein...
Jian: where does the music fit into that?

Billy Bob: uh no – it was a monster magazine.

gawker article HERE.

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