a loveliness of ladybugs.

so the-stupid-question-of-the-day on the morning radio-show i listen to was: "what is a group of cheetahs called?"(ps -- you'll find out below). upon hearing the correct term, i was reminded of how many groups-of-animals have interesting names. so i decided to look them up, and share some unique, fitting, and favorite ones with you. bear in mind, that some animal-groups have multiple possible terms -- and the ones below were consistent from at least two different sources.

a congregation of alligators.
a lick of anteaters.
an army of ants.
a cete of badgers. (?!)
a cloud of bats.
a sloth of bears.
a flight of butterflies.
a wake of buzzards.
a coalition of cheetahs.
a quiver of cobras.
an intrustion of cockroaches. (SO true!)
a gulp of cormorants.
a murder of crows.
a convocation of eagles.
a business of ferrets.
a leash of fox.
a tower of giraffes.
a cast of hawks.
a bloat of hippos. (THAT one makes sense.)
an array of hedgehogs.
a smack of jellyfish.
a loveliness of ladybugs.
a scourge of mosquitos. (aptly named.)
a romp of otters.
a parliament of owls.
a bouquet of pheasants.
a prickle of porcupines. (one of my favs.)
a coterie of prairie dogs.
an unkindness of ravens.
a rhumba of rattlesnakes.
an odor of skunks. ( ! )
a dray of squirrels.
a rafter of turkeys.
a wisdom of wombats.
a descent of woodpeckers.
a clew of worms.


Lindsay Z said...

so many of those are amusingly befitting! i like a smack of jellyfish myself

Anonymous said...

How lovely...'a lovliness of ladybugs'.