some worship.

i have a passion for leading worship -- particularly musical worship. but i do love crafting entire worship experiences as well, with prayer, liturgy, silence, media, etc. i've gotten to lead worship a few times in the last few months -- once at La Vida in july, and once at my home-church i'm working at just this past sunday. i've got video up of La Vida (in two parts) -- and i'll hopefully have video up from LCPC by next week. La Vida's celebration worship is really powerful, because a ton of kids have just returned from many days in the woods, living simply, and they've experienced so much. so worship is really raw and tangible with all that fresh on their hearts. it's good stuff. so here's La Vida celebration worship from July 3rd, 2009.

celebration worship from peter allen on Vimeo.

celebration worship 2. from peter allen on Vimeo.

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