it is finished.

so as many of you know, i have owned for sometime a very beloved orange kavu visor. i have been trying to think of when i purchased this child of mine, and i honestly can't even wager a guess as to how long this security blanket has been with me. example:
my visor has been well-worn and i have beaten the heck out of it - dirt, sun, other nastiness. and it has slowly deteriorated over time. toward the end of the summer, i knew i had to begin to come to terms with the need for a replacement. it was difficult, but i began to grieve this coming loss.so i wanted to let you all know, that my orange (now very light, faded tangerine) kavu visor is officially retired. and there is a new member of the family i would like you to help me welcome...it's canvas instead of nylon (hoping that it will get less-damaged by the sun) and i decided to go with a nice vibrant fire-engine-red. booya.

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