i have long been a person with an awareness for animal testing and animal treatment -- i have used animal-free (as much as possible) haba products since i can remember, and i went vegetarian for 5 years after reading an undercover expose' on one meat company's practices. and i have respected PETA - generally - but would never have said i was a 'supporter' of the organization.

ok. so now i'm pretty sure i've lost all respect for PETA. i heard about THIS 'incident' on the radio this morning, and i had to check it's validity. yup - right there on PETA's blog. they're a bit up in arms - BECAUSE OBAMA KILLED A FLY. i hate proverbial sayings - but this is the VERY DEFINITION of losing the forest for the trees. a dead fly? really? oh right -- this isn't a country that has 5million people out of work, so there's nothing more important than obama killing a fly.

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