i've talked bits before about our culture's seemingly inherent need to accumulate more and better stuff. it's bad news -- in case you haven't spent a second thinking about it before. well THIS WOMAN has probably spent more time thinking about this than most people -- getting at the root of the issue. annie has put a lot of effort into being AWARE (there's that word again...) of what she, and millions of other people walking this earth consume. we are consumers -- our culture has been shaped into MAKING us consumers and materialists. and we have the RESPONSIBILITY to be aware of that, and make thoughtful, ethical decisions on how we live our lives so as not to FEED THE MACHINE of 'planned obselesence' and 'disposable society'. so i encourage you to take 20 mins and watch the video. and then DO something about it.

on a related side note: i saw the reality of this the past couple weeks, as my brother's 3-year-old plasma TV died. it MAYBE had 8000 hours on it, and plasmas are 'said' to have upwards of a 50,000 hour life span. BULLSHIT. planned obselesence RIGHT there.

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