ok. this will be pseudo-brief, but it is a rant. because if i see another plastic bottle or aluminum can in the trash, i think i'm gonna lose it.

RECYCLING is now a commonly used word and known concept. thanks to the efforts of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, recycling has become mandatory in many cities in many nations. yet it seems that laziness and apathy still win out on most days -- and i'd be willing to bet that AMERICAN CULTURE has played a large role in that, with how ENTITLED WE ARE and how DISPOSABLE our society has become -- go watch some TV and notice how many commercials advertise 'conveniences' that you 'simply use, then throw away'.

one of the biggest culprits is BOTTLED WATER. MILLIONS of plastic water bottles get tossed in the trash every day (because, OH THE HORROR, the recycling bin is down the hall). by yourself a frickin' nalgene (don't even give me the BPA argument -- their new ones don't contain it) or a sigg and fill it up from the tap.

but this takes an active choice -- a choice to be CONSCIOUS of what you do and what you throw out. i guarantee that if you consciously look at everything you are going to 'dispose of', you can recycle more than 50% of it...maybe not CONVENIENTLY, but again, that's what takes the conscious choice. because it's not about CONVENIENCE, it's about NECESSITY.

my opinion may or may not affect me, but let me say this: i have a profound lack of respect for those who are not conscious or thoughtful about their impact -- in ALL forms, but especially their impact on the environment, and their impact on others. so here i tell you: hold on to your f'ing plastic bottle until you find a recycling container.

and ps: i don't want to hear anyone ragging on NJ anymore -- because the first city in the ENTIRE US to mandate recycling was Woodbury, NJ - back in the 70s. so eat that.

some EASY (i.e. only the lazy wouldn't do these) suggestions:
-buy a nalgene (all new ones are BPA free) or a sigg bottle for water.
-use a travel mug for getting coffee at Dunks or Starbucks, or ask for a mug at places like panera or independent coffee shops.
[Starbucks even makes a reusable version of their iced-drink cups]
-most food/product packaging is paper/paperboard and is EASILY RECYCLABLE, but often thrown out. DON'T THROW IT OUT.
-don't buy/use plastic when there is a paper alternative.
-shutdown your computer when not in use(when being left plugged in)... shutting down often is no longer bad on hard drives.
-unplug larger electric devices when not in use (or put them on switchable powerstrips if CONVENIENCE is an issue) -- even when off they draw large amounts of electricity: if you don't believe me, go feel the back of your plasma tv even when it's off.

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