crowded highways and serene ocean views...

if there’s one thing i won’t miss about California, it’s EVERYthing that comes along with driving out here: the crappy roads, the unbelievable traffic, and insane drivers. the bay area has been a very unique nightmare-of-sorts to drive in. normally, busier metropolitan areas have windows of intense traffic that you can plan on, and avoid if necessary. at least LA is like that. but the bay area has this dynamic of possible traffic ANYtime, day or night, weekday or weekend, any direction. literally. i’m not just exaggerating. so upon leaving the bay area, even in the middle of a weekday, i had to fight my way out. oh, and you know those permanent-left-lane drivers? you know how much they aggravate you? well they ALL come from California. they must teach it in driver’s ed out here. while i will miss many things, i will not miss driving in california.

phew. i digress.

i’ve been down in LA the last couple days with two good friends of mine: kim, whom i’ve known since middle school, and molly, who i went to seminary with. it’s been really refreshing to spend time with them – to talk and share about recent joys and struggles. i think this was the perfect first step in my journey away from san francisco – to ease a bit of the pain of leaving by spending time with people i really enjoy and to share about that part of my journey. and it’s been an interesting contrast as kim lives in a very diverse urban neighborhood in downtown LA, and molly lives on the amazingly-beautiful coast in palos verdes. molly and i went hiking and had great food. kim and i went hiking and had great food. perrrrrrrrfect.

then i’m off to northern arizona/southern utah tomorrow, to spend some time in the canyons of the southwest. i’m planning to spend some time hiking and photographing bryce, zion and grand canyons. i’ll certainly post some pictures after my time there.

peace to you…

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Lindsay said...

it's true that we have insane drivers and traffic.

that's why i am not an aggressive pedestrian :)