on to Zion.

largely on my way out of California was simply some time to be. my friend molly made me a surprise mix CD that i came across when i opened the goodie bag that she made me, somewhere between LA and Nevada (thanks mols!). i put it in and listened to the wonderfully quirky combination of songs that she picked. and the emotions started welling up almost immediately. i think it hit hardest at track 5 with Cat Stevens’ The Wind – “i listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul. where i’ll end up well i think only God really knows.” i’ve been processing a lot of different things over the past 6-8 months, including the larger implications of where God is trying to lead me. i’ve done a lot of self evaluation of what i’m gifted with, what i’m not as gifted with, what my needs are; i’ve attempted to get a better read on my emotions, and have tried to figure out how to be less reactive. it’s been pretty painful largely. i’ve recently left my job, and it’s hard to fend off feelings of failure, even though i feel confident in how i went about my decision. as much as i’ve processed and prayed on it all, i think i’ve got a lot more to do – especially in the what-does-it-all-mean for what’s next for me. lucky for me, i’ve got a lot of miles to think about it.

and then track 11 came on: Russell Crowe – Testify (for reals! he’s really good). and it lifted my soul. music is a powerful thing.

so i arrived in zion national park later thursday night, and slept out under the UNbelievable stars. i had nearly forgotten how bright the night sky can be when you’re not near any cities (or towns for that matter). i stared upward for a long time. and then i passed out.

i spent most of the first day here getting a feel for the park and what all i could do. i spent the morning running around trying to get some good pictures with the morning sun. then i found a hike to do – the Angel’s Landing trail. AAAAAAmazing. a steep 3ish mile hike up, ending with about a half-mile on this knife-edge ridge (complete with chains for you to hold on to so you don’t plummet to your death) that leads up to the summit. unbelievable 360-degree views. i had lunch, took it all in, and read a book. i finished off the day with a quick hike up to the Watchman. me with the watchman…

now for another night of just-above-freezing temps. and some rain possible. yeehaw.

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