on the road.

i can't say the word "road" anymore without thinking of that scene in black sheep where david spade is loopy on nitrous and starts saying "road" phonetically - "roooooooods. row-aaaads." oh david spade and chris farley how you make us laugh -


i'm hitting the road in the morning. i've been living in san francisco and working at a church on the peninsula for the past year and a half. after a long period of discernment and personal introspection, i've decided that it would be the healthy thing to leave my job. i've learned a lot about myself, ministry, and church leadership, and i am excited about what all those learnings will lead me to.

if you're someone who has worked in a church, you know that leaving a church means leaving lots of people who mean a lot to you. and if you've ever worked in youth ministry, you know that leaving a church means leaving a lot of amazing students. but also, i am sad to leave the number of very dear and special friends that i have made during my time here. i have made some of the deepest friendships - specifically spiritual friendships - here. friends with whom i can trust, be vulnerable, share myself, talk about church and ministry and christianity, drink beer, and to simply do life together in a very authentic and meaningful way.

but it is time to hit the road. i am hitting the road toward the next chapter in my lifelong journey. i know what is next in the short term, but i do not have a very clear picture of what the longer-term holds. for the month of march i will be embarking on a slow roadtrip along the southern half of the US, with new jersey being my destination (to stay with my brother). along the way, i'll be stopping in LA to visit with a couple of good friends. then it will be on to grand, bryce and zion canyons - an area of the country that i have yet to see, and have long heard many people expound upon their beauties. then on to texas - waco in particular - to visit with a good friend, and to see david crowder at his home church for services. i'll then head toward the gulf coast, to stop through the biloxi area to see the progress (i was there two years ago with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance). then on to some significant time in south florida - a place i fell in love with during an internship after college. south florida is a place of amazing wildlife, mysterious swamps, and incredible kayaking opportunities. i may venture down into the keys as well. then i'll head up toward the northeast, rendevousing with friends as i approach virigina, DC, maryland and pennsylvania.

so my hope is to share my adventures as well as my ponderings during my trip. i am excited about my time - i LOVE to drive; i LOVE to turn up the music; i LOVE to hike; i LOVE to kayak; i LOVE to spend time with good friends; and i LOVE to think. if you are reading this on the west coast, know that i miss you already. if you are reading this on the east coast, know that i'm looking forward to seeing you in the near future. if you are reading this anywhere else...well...i hope you enjoy. and give me a call...i'm figuring about 5000 miles i'll be clocking. i'm hoping to post often with thoughts, ramblings and pictures...so we'll see how it goes.

blessings to you all whatever road you're traveling right now - literally or figuratively. an old friend had this phrase that he used to sign things with. i think i may steal it.

peace, love, loaves and fishes...

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jen fox said...

i miss you and i am glad that you have this blog because it is hard for me to say, "i miss you" when i look at your picture on facebook. (it creeps me out in a very princetony sort of way) please be safe and don't run into walls. (or drive into them)