wildlife barrage.

so here is a blitz of wildlife shots i've gotten while i've been in florida. some good ones i think. i'll try to caption each one a bit.

tricolor heron. he was hunting for little fishes.

roseate spoonbills (the pink) and wood storks. the spoonbills, quite obviously, have a spoon-shaped bill - so crazy unique. and the wood storks are federally endangered.

the florida softshell turtle. super weird looking but very cool. their necks can stretch out almost their full body length.

i think this guy is a baby florida redbelly cooter (not entirely sure with how small it was).

gator #1

gator #2

eastern diamondback rattlesnake folks. almost freakin STEPPED on this guy - he was stretched out across the path. yikes.

anhinga #1. these guys have such character to them. and their wing designs are so gorgeous.

anhinga #2

there you are - some more samples of what i've seen down here.

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